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03/04/2004 dans Weblogs | Commentaires (3)

Article du New York Times, section technologie à lire ici (L’inscription au NYT en ligne est gratuite). Extrait :

"By pointing readers to the Web's newest and best bits, Web logs offer a way to cut through online clutter. But now that there are millions of blogs, what was once a solution to the information glut has started to become part of the problem. So perhaps inevitably, sites and services have popped up that add another level to the information food chain by digesting the Web digests."

L’article est un guide des services (logiciels et sites) pouvant permettre d’organiser sa propre revue de blogs.

Sondage : vous utilisez quoi ? NewzCrawler, NetNewsWire ? autre...?


J'utilise FeedDemon de Bradbury Software

J'utilise FeedDemon de Bradbury Software

Might I suggest that when you provide links to the New York TImes as in this post, you use Userland's permanent NYT links instead of the NYT's own links which only last for 7 days. If you are interested in knowing more about Userland's NYT linking feature, let me know.

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